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Career Periodicals and Databases

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Career Databases (A-Z)

Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection

Bridge - Worldwide Music Connection
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Music-related job postings, teaching positions, arts administration jobs, festivals, grants and workshops.

Career Cruising

Career Cruising
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Career exploration tool, self-assessment tool, educational programs and job search by occupation.


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16 million worldwide job and internship listings, employer profiles, and country-specific career information.


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The authoritative guide on international careers. 4,000+ searchable resources, expert articles and inspiring student stories.
Free tools: Quick Guides

Vault Career Insider

Vault Career Intelligence
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Downloadable career guidebooks, insider company surveys, industry profiles, career tips, jobs and internships.? Companies in consulting, finance, law, marketing, public relations, accounting and business-related industries.


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Web-based platform that allow you to practice interviewing at anytime, anywhere.? This is the most-used video interviewing platform in over 120 countries.? Practice questions - From consulting interview to specialty industry such as speech pathology.

Online Periodicals

Current Jobs in Liberal Arts

Current Jobs for Graduates (Web Link) (Twice monthly)
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Entry-level employment e-bulletin for students in liberal arts and related fields (Communications, Public Policy, Literature, Psychology, Religious Studies, Library Science, Economics, Anthropology, English, Political Science, Sociology, Art History, Classical Studies, History, Public Affairs, etc.)

NACE Salary Survey

NACE Salary Survey (PDF) (Jan, Apr, Sep)
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Entry salary reports for graduates - by curriculum, type of employer, job function.

TIE - The International Educator

TIE - The International Educator (PDF) (Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec)
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Overseas teaching jobs from top international schools around the world.

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