The Master in?Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management is a double-degree, part-time, English program in China offered jointly by the?Desautels Faculty of Management & the?School of Management of?Zhejiang University.

Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Program (GMSCM)

Program Overview

The Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (GMSCM) Program was launched in 2012 and had its first entering cohort in 2013.

The program is a double-degree program co-founded by two renowned academic institutions: McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China). The student who completes the GMSCM program is awarded an MBA degree from Zhejiang University and a Master in Management degree from McGill University. The Program takes place at Zhejiang University in China (with options for a semester of courses in Montreal and a summer trip) and it?targets high-potential managers in manufacturing, services and logistics industries as well as entrepreneurs.

Program for Operations Excellence

We still offer one of the key components of the MMM program, including?Six Sigma Green Belt?and?Lean Thinking?training for operational excellence in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa depending on demand.

  • Lean Thinking?training creates more value for customers, employees and owners through a perfect value creation process that minimizes waste along the entire value stream, by continuously looking for improvement.
  • Six Sigma?training helps managers assess a situation and identify the right improvement projects to conduct; plan and manage an improvement project to ensure its successful completion; and lead an improvement project, including the change management considerations.

The MMM program in Montreal

The Master in Manufacturing Management (MMM) program in Montreal is being redesigned to enhance both its quality and relevance, while still maintaining a focus on designing and managing global supply chains for manufacturing and service organizations. At this point we are not accepting applications for this program and will not do so in the near future. If your intention is to apply to a Master’s program for Fall 2017, we strongly?suggest you to look at our MBA program where you can consider the Business Analytics?concentration, which includes several supply chain courses.

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