Social Learning for Social Impact GROOC

Social Learning for Social ImpactGROOC = MOOC for groups

This GROOC has ambitious goals:

  • To inspire the creation and/or scaling of social initiatives that change the world (e.g. Grameen Bank, Doctors without Borders, Green Belt Movement, Khan Academy, etc.) by leveraging the social learning potential of MOOCs;
  • and in so doing, drive radical renewal in society beyond left, right and center.

Social Learning for Social Impact is inclusive and intended for people at different levels of social engagement:

  • Already working within the social sector on a social initiative (formally or informally).
  • Thinking about contributing to a social initiative in collaboration with other like-minded individuals.
  • Concerned about where the world is headed and contemplating ways of responding.?

Social Learning for Social Impact will consist of 7 sessions, each two weeks apart as follows:

  • Session I: Welcoming
  • Session II:?Co-Creating
  • Session III: Designing
  • Session IV: Scaling
  • Session V: Resourcing
  • Session VI: Assessing
  • Session VII: Sharing

Social Learning for Social Impact is innovative in three ways:

  • Participants will collaborate on “real-life” social initiatives through social learning, a ?pedagogy whereby learners engage each other in the process of knowledge creation.
  • It’s a MOOC for Groups. Hence, a GROOC.
  • It will issue a free certificate.

Groups can onboard in two ways: As a “ready-made” group OR as individuals who form a group via a match-making platform that ?transcends geographic and social issue boundaries. Groups will collaborate in one of three ways:

  1. “Ready-made” groups will collaborate on their social initiative.
  2. Individuals will have an opportunity to choose a social initiative that interests them and join a team composed of others who are also passionate about the same social issue.

Social Learning for Social Impact is grounded by the following core beliefs:

  • There is a need to drive radical renewal in society beyond left, right and center and ?social initiatives can be a key driver of social change.
  • Learning happens as a social activity through non-hierarchical relationships, based on ?reciprocity and driven by learner needs.
  • The traditional system of grading values, privileges and rewards mastery of content, ?whereas our MOOC is committed to inspiring engagement and action.
  • Social learning emerges organically through lived experience and knowledge mobilization – this means learning outcomes should not be too prescriptive.

Engaging managers in social learning

Our Track-Record of Social Learning ?Henry Mintzberg has been engaging managers in social learning for almost two decades, in novel programs such as the International Masters in Practicing Management for business and the International Masters for Health Leadership for healthcare. These social programs have put McGill at the forefront of pedagogical innovation.

Social Learning for Social Impact was launched by McGillx?on September 16, 2015.


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