Department of East Asian Studies

Welcome to East Asian Studies!

If you want to understand the challenges our world is facing today from climate change to population flows—you owe it to yourself to learn about the cultures and histories of Asia. At McGill, you can study the languages and cultures of China, Japan and Korea with renowned faculty whose research extends across regions and disciplines, from Buddhist art to Japanese Anime, from Korean cinema to Chinese sci-fi. We offer general survey courses on Korea, China and Japan as well as upper level lectures and seminars on questions of media, gender, religion, archaeology and critical theory.??

At EAS, we believe that the first step towards gaining knowledge of the history, literature, philosophy or film of any culture begins with a deep learning of languages. We offer small, hands-on, intensive language classes led by excellent teachers who are committed to every student’s progress as well as to facilitating a vibrant community of collaborative learning. In addition to in-class learning, our Chinese majors in the intermediate level have the opportunity to travel fully funded to Shantou University in Guangdong China for a one month and up to one semester of intensive Chinese courses. We also offer guidance and support for students interested in study abroad programs in other Asian cities.??

Our graduate program offers both MA and PhD degrees. Students conduct original research, working closely with faculty supervisors in their area of specialty. Guided by their advisors and the Director of Graduate Studies, Graduate students select from a variety of courses both inside and outside the department to tailor the right training for their progress in their chosen research path.?

Whether minoring, majoring or doing graduate work, a degree in East Asian Studies will prepare you for future leadership roles in a variety of professions. Our graduates have successfully pursued careers in business, academia, law, the arts, and the sciences. Their background in East Asian studies continues to spark life-long interests in comparative investigation of societies, politics and art, fueled by a commitment to understand the world through challenging familiar perspectives. We invite you to join us!?


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