Jewish Teacher Training Program


The Jewish Teacher Training Program (JTTP) of McGill University trains students to be Jewish educators in a variety of Jewish education settings, including day schools, summer camps, and youth groups. Over 200 students have graduated from the program since its establishment in 1973. Alumni are employed in schools throughout Montreal and across Canada, the United States, and Israel.

JTTP offers two degree options:

Undergraduate degree program option

B.Ed. Kindergarten Elementary Education (Jewish Studies Option)
The B.Ed. option, offered through the B.Ed. Kindergarten Elementary Education degree, is a four-year, 120-credit program training students to teach Jewish and general studies at the kindergarten and elementary level. Graduates of this option are certified as elementary school teachers by the Quebec government.

Out of Province students who wish to become Jewish studies teachers at the high school level may apply to the B Ed Secondary degree and use their Freshman Year to train to be high school teachers of Jewish studies. Students interested in this option should contact the eric.caplan [at] (program director) .

Graduate degree program option

M.A. Education and Society Non-Thesis (Jewish Education Option)
The M.A. option is a 45-credit program training students to teach Jewish Studies at the elementary or high school level.


Quick overview

The degrees are offered through the Faculty of Education Department of Integrated Studies. Students also take courses in Jewish Studies through the Department of Jewish Studies in the Faculty of Arts and general studies courses are taken throughout the university. Students take courses in pedagogy, developmental psychology, inclusive education, and computers. Fieldwork is an essential component of all degree options offered. The B.Ed. option includes 700 hours of supervised student teaching, and the MA option includes 500 hours.

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal on McGill’s main campus, the program offers students access to a highly developed Jewish day school system as well as a variety of cultural, religious, and communal institutions serving the prominent Jewish community of Montreal. Students also enjoy safe and affordable living in a culturally vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

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