Precarious while Prestigious November 14 Registration

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Cafe Collab is also about forming connections across groups working on various Equity-related issues at McGill. With that in mind, please list any student groups, services, staff working groups, faculty associations or any other group you are currently or recently involved with that works on equity issues on campus. Feel free to leave this blank.
Cafe Collab aims to create spaces for campus communities to build support, foster relationships, and reflect on how Student Services can better support your needs and those of all McGill students. With this in mind, why did you sign up for this workshop?
Please indicate if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions and we will plan the food accordingly.
The workshop will take place in Brown #5001. The Brown Building (3610 McTavish) is physically accessible via the front entrance off McTavish. There are two doors that have an automatic open button and an elevator to get to the 5th floor. The building and the room have fluorescent lighting. The workshop itself will be largely discussion-based with opportunities for participants to create art or media pieces about the discussion. There will be a few different mediums participants can choose to use, these will include: drawing, play-do sculpting, sound recording, and video making on iPads. Facilitators will also be available to assist participants in their creations. For more information on the Brown Building, click here:
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