Where to eat

Eating on campus has always been convenient, but with more creative options than ever before, dining at McGill has never been more satisfying!?Whether you’re craving?a freshly baked pastry or a barista style coffee?at Première Moisson or something homemade like rustic pizza from Athletics Café, we offer it all on campus. Satisfy your craving for local bites like St. Viateur bagels, inspired vegetarian options from Crudessence or ethnic delights from Vinh’s Café. No time to stick around? Grab-and-go with our extensive selection of express items.

Our goal is to prepare and present?our food?with passion and creativity. We want to exceed your expectations!


Each one of our Dining Halls offers?varied and nutritious food with a focus on great taste and?sustainability. Additionally, each Residence Hall has its own unique style and ambiance, and the Mandatory Residential Meal Plan gives students access to all of them. Staff and faculty are more than welcome to eat here too, and will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and value that our Dining Halls offer.?

On a monthly basis, each dining hall features Local Food Days and special themed meals where you can enjoy a selection of locally sourced?and specially prepared menu items. Visit our events page to read about what's happening this month?and experience all of what McGill Food and Dining has to offer!

Feedback is important to us, and all comments and questions received from you will be answered individually. Take a moment to fill?out our online?feedback form.

Consult our handy?Student Housing and Hospitality map?for all dining locations on McGill's downtown campus, and explore the rest of this section to learn more about what they offer.

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