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Staff Development Courses

For a listing of courses offered by Financial Services, consult their Knowledge Base Page.

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LDP - Leadership Development Program

LDP Supervisor Stream - Staffing 101 & Interviewing

Duration: 1 days
Cost: $0
Course objectives:

A critical priority for the University is the capacity to attract, retain and reward the best talent. Supervisors need a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities in relation to staff in order to meet this objective within their respective units.

In the morning of this one-day workshop, participants will work with Staffing to learn:

? About the particulars of the various categories of positions at McGill and where to find information about policies and procedures that govern them.

? The steps to the selection process, including determining needs, reviewing applications, assessing candidates, scheduling, preparing and conducting interviews, checking references, pre-hiring preparations, making the offer and on-boarding.

? How to manage transfers and terminations, in accordance with policies and procedures at McGill.
In the second half of the workshop, participants will delve deeper into conducting effective interviews, including how to:

? Organize the interview flow for maximum impact;

? Open the interview in a positive manner;

? Set the tone for a productive interview;

? Develop and articulate questions, focused on the candidate's previous experience, that clearly seek information on the required skills and competencies;

? Apply effective listening skills;

? Evaluate a candidate's answers accurately;

? Avoid common traps of the interviewing process;

? Perform telephone screening and its proper etiquette;

? Apply interviewing skills in a reference check; and

? Conduct interviews respectful of Quebec laws.

For more information, please contact us at Organizational Development: [email protected]

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