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Staff Development Courses

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OD - Organizational Development module

LUNCH & LEARN: How to define, create and keep the Work/Life Balance you want

Duration: 0.1 days
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
Are you constantly busy, but never feel like anything is finished? Do you tell yourself you can get just one more thing done at work or at home? Does it seem you never have the time or energy for what is really important to you?

We hear a lot about Work/Life balance, but what does it mean to YOU? Come and join us for this Brown Bag lunch workshop that will help
participants come to their own personal definition of Work-Life balance and take steps to create and keep balance in their Career/Life Path.

?What does Work/Life balance mean to you?
?What is your Work-Life balance situation right now? /How do you envision it going forward?
?Understanding your values: You can’t get what you want, ‘til you know what you want…
?What is important to you in your Career/Life path and how is it important?
?Obstacles & Tolerations: How can you exercise choice in these areas and embrace and navigate challenges?
?Tips and Tricks for better balance

Facilitator: Mia Ilantzis, PPCC
Mia Ilantzis is a PPCC Certified Professional and Personal Life Coach with a background in
Education, Human Resources and Recruiting. She offers individual coaching sessions,
Educational Coaching and workshops aimed at Career/Life Path Transition and Work/Life
balance. With an awareness-based, strategy-focused approach, participants gain insights and
traction in the motivations and drive behind their Career/Life Path

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