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OD - Organizational Development module

LUNCH & LEARN: The Four Agreements

Duration: 0.25 days
Target population: All staff members
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
This 90 minute lunch ‘n learn invites us to explore how living by four seemingly simple “Agreements” we can dramatically change the quality of our lives.

According to teacher, healer and author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, we actually create REALITY with our WORD. What we say to and about ourselves and others shapes our TRUTH. It happens virtually automatically unless we stop to listen and challenge ourselves. This is how we were socialized and this is how we have come to interact with each other and our world. His “simple” four agreements, based on Toltec wisdom passed down from generations, are:

? Be Impeccable with Your Word
? Don’t take anything personally
? Don’t make assumptions
? Always do your best

What happens when we take ourselves out of the blame-game and realize our ability to co-create our lives? What happens when we choose LOVE over FEAR? What is possible when we realize that each of us is truly living her/his own truth, narrative, dream? No need to take anything personally! Highly unwise to make assumptions! Virtually everything is possible!
Join others who want to actively co-create their world and accept that “doing our best” may vary from one day to the next. We are, after all, Human!

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