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For a listing of courses offered by Financial Services, consult their Knowledge Base Page.

To register, view your current registration status, or cancel your registration for a course, please sign in using your McGill ID and Minerva PIN. If you do not know your ID and PIN, please contact IST Customer Support Help Desk at 398-3398.

PEN - Pensions Management

Decumulation Session @ MAC

Duration: 0.25 days
Prerequisite: PEN - Retirement Information Session,
PEN - Settlement Options Information Session
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
Of interest to members of the McGill University Pension Plan approaching retirement and the payout phase. This course will explain:
* the risks associated with the payout phase;
* the options available to you;
* the need to review your investment strategy; and
* learn where to get more information.
For more information - please contact Ms. Karen Rasinger by email at [email protected]
It is highly recommended that you attend a Retirement Information Session and/or a Settlement Options Information Session prior to registering for this course.
This information session is intended for all members of the McGill University Pension Plan; of most interest to those members approaching retirement. The following topics will be covered: - Understanding the importance of planning for your retirement, - Understanding the retirement options and decisions you will need to make, and - Determining if you will have enough sufficient money at retirement. Please feel free to bring your lunch with you. For more information, please contact Ms. Karen Rasinger at [email protected] or 514-398-6250.

Of interest to members of the McGill University Pension Plan (MUPP) who are approaching retirement and would like to know the settlement options availalble for their holdings in the MUPP. Topics will include - Life Income Funds (LIFs), internal & external annuities and how to access "My Account" on the Pension Plan's website.

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