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Staff Development Courses

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LEAN - Process and Problem Solving Methodology

LEAN Yellow Belt (project driven)

Duration: 3 days
Target population: All staff members in management and excluded positions
Prerequisite: LEAN White Belt with simulation,
Initial Discovery Form
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
The LEAN Yellow Belt curriculum (project driven) is designed for employees who are (or may become) involved in improving workplace processes. It aims to help view processes through the eyes of their clients in order to identify inefficiencies, eliminate non-value-added elements, and ultimately increase efficiency using LEAN Six Sigma tools, techniques and frameworks.

Participants are accountable for concretely improving McGill processes – not simply in the classroom, but in their real-world teams and units. They will gain both theoretical and hands-on learning across a series of workshops, to be applied throughout the program on projects of their own choosing, and culminating in the implementation of process improvements in their own work areas.

Courses will be held approximately 3-4 weeks apart to allow time for project progress between sessions. At weekly “check-ins,” they will receive coaching from experienced LEAN Six Sigma practitioners, who will assist with all aspects of the curriculum from project selection, to methodological support, to implementation.

Following the successful implementation of a real-world process improvement, participants will be awarded LEAN Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

The "Initial Discovery Form" must be completed by you and submitted to us. It is a short questionnaire that will assist us in our discussions and planning. Please contact [email protected] (3234) to obtain a copy.

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