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[email protected] is a digital repository which stores and showcases the publications and theses of McGill University faculty and students. The repository exists in an online, open-access environment, making it easy for researchers all over the world to find and access the University’s published research output.

All scholarly works authored by faculty and students at McGill and considered of value by the academic community can be deposited in the digital repository. [email protected] includes full text documents of research articles, electronic theses, working papers, conference papers, books and research reports.

[email protected] is maintained by the Library, which deposits digital research in the repository and manages the archiving of content over time.

The Library is committed to maximizing the research impact of the McGill community and supporting the principles of the scholarly open-access movement. One of the experts on open access, Peter Suber, has written an excellent overview.

Authorship rights play an important role in open access to scholarly communication. For information on retaining authorship rights for published works, please see Copyright and ePrints.

How to submit

A new model for scholarly publishing

Institutional repositories, which centralize, preserve and make accessible the knowledge generated by academic institutions, provide a new model for scholarly publishing. [email protected] is one of hundreds of websites that provide scholarly material free over the Internet. For a list of the increasing number of world-wide organizations archiving and making accessible digital scholarship, go to ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories).

McGill Library is a member of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), which supports the implementation of institutional repositories by Canadian research libraries in order to ensure and maintain Canada’s position at the leading edge of innovation in scholarly publishing. The Library is also a member of SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition), part of ARL (Association of Research Libraries).

[email protected] supports the internationally accepted standards of the OAI (Open Archives Initiative), ensuring maximum exposure and accessibility for McGill research through metadata harvesting.

What are the benefits?

[email protected] ensures that your research is:

  • visible on the Internet
  • able to be found using major search engines and cross-repository harvPDF icon november_2016.pdfesters
  • full-text searchable
  • easily accessible to students and peers
  • cited more frequently because of easier resource discovery
  • receiving the widest possible dissemination to increase its impact
  • satisfying any open access publishing requirements of funding agencies
  • preserved for the future


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Statistics for eScholarship institutional repository October 2016. 74 thesis uploads, 32 article uploads. Top three items in terms of views: Wahidur-Rahman, A. N. M. (1982). The religious thought of Moulvi Chirāgh ?Alī  [thesis] (1017 views) ; Clark, I.C.  (1958).Guide to Ezra Pound: 1885-1920 with Special Emphasis on his Poetic Theory and Practice. [thesis] (502 views) ; Daley, K.A. (1998). The Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement (STREAM) : content validity and preliminary reliability (427 views)

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