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As a McGill graduate, you belong to an impressive alumni network. This network includes access to the Library in person and continued access to selected online resources - that we have licensed for alumni or that are open access - from anywhere in the world, even if you are no longer in Montreal. We invite you to access our resources to continue on your learning path.

Visit the Library

All members of the public are welcome to visit any of the Library's branches and use our print and electronic resources on-site.

Note: To access our e-resources and the internet on campus, you can connect to the McGill wireless network with your own device or log into one of the computers in the Library using your McGill alumni username and password.

To borrow books and other print materials from the Library, you can?register for a free?McGill Library Borrowing Card for Alumni.

How to log in

In order to access Library e-resources, or log into the McGill wireless network or Library computers, you'll be asked to sign in using your McGill username (email address) and password.

If you don't have a McGill username (first.last [at] or yours is no longer active, register with the McGill Alumni Online Community.




Events at the Library

The Library holds a number of free annual seminars and events, often in association with the Friends of the Library. These are designed to promote the Library within the broader McGill and Montreal communities and illuminate the Library's rich collections against a vivid backdrop of Canadian history, culture and politics.

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