Article/chapter scan service

McGill students, faculty and staff may request scanned copies of journal articles or book chapters from the print collections of the McGill Library, to be sent to a McGill email address.

Delivery time is normally 2 to 4 days.


How to request a scanned copy

1. Look up the journal or book in WorldCat.

Search WorldCat

2. Click on Request/Locate buttonand then choose scan article/chapter:

scan article/chapter link

3. Sign into your Library account and fill out the form with the article or book chapter details.

Aricle/chapter scan service video



When it's time to retrieve your scan, you will receive an email with a URL and password, which will provide temporary access to the article or chapter in digital format.

The article or chapter will be available on a server for a period of 30 days. Each article may be retrieved a maximum 5 times. After 30 days, articles and chapters are automatically removed from the server.


The article/chapter scanning service is offered for most materials in the library's collections that are uniquely available in print format. Print materials that are also accessible in the library's electronic collection are excluded. Professors may request scans from items on course reserve.

For materials located in the library’s rare or special collections please refer to the Digitization - On demand request form.


Scanned articles and book chapters are copied and supplied in accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act. Works obtained through this service are protected by copyright and may only be used for the purpose of education, private study or research or as further provided for under fair dealing.?

In general, the guidelines for amounts that may be copied are:

?????????? 15% of a work

?????????? 1 entire chapter of a book (as long as it does not total more than 20% of the book)

?????????? 1 entire article from a journal

If you have any questions about how you may use this content,?or if you require more than these amounts for teaching purposes, please contact copyright.library [at]

Contact info

docdel.library [at]

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