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Course evaluations are now open!

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Speak up!

You have both the right and the responsibility to provide feedback to instructors and administrators. By completing your MERCURY course evaluations, you can help improve courses and teaching at McGill.

The more students who fill out course evaluations, the more seriously the feedback is taken by both instructors and administrators.

Why should I complete my course evaluations? Do they actually make a difference?

  1. Your feedback helps instructors improve their teaching through constructive criticism and feedback.

  2. Course evaluations provide information to future students about courses and instructors. View previous numerical course evaluation results here (login required). Your participation helps make more course evaluation results available!

  3. You have the opportunity to evaluate your Teaching Assistants as well, helping them improve their teaching as they begin their careers.

  4. Department Chairs and Directors have full access to the results, including the comments (only after grades are submitted and approved). The results are reviewed by instructors and administrators each term.?

  5. Information from end-of-course evaluations is considered when evaluating professors’ teaching for purposes of merit, reappointment, tenure and promotion.

Did you know?

  • Your course evaluation responses are completely anonymous. The results become available to instructors and academic unit heads only after final grades have been submitted.

  • Course evaluations are only conducted if there are five (5) or more students enrolled. This is to protect your anonymity.

  • You can complete your course evaluations on a tablet or mobile device.

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