Ingram School of Nursing


FOR ALL APPLICANTS TO THE BACHELOR OF NURSING (INTEGRATED) (BNI) PROGRAM: you are required to complete a CASPer test as part of your application, WELL BEFORE THE MARCH 1, 2018 DEADLINE.

CANDIDATS FRANCOPHONES : une seule date disponible pour effectuer le test en fran?ais: 20 février 2018.

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Linda Morneault receives prestigious CIQ Merit Award


McGill Nursing Faculty Lecturer and Neonatology Nurse Practitioner Program Coordinator Linda Morneault was awarded the CIQ Merit Award for her groundbreaking work caring for premature and oftentimes gravely ill newborns and infants.

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Nursing students providing care for homeless and at-risk Montrealers

The Ingram School of Nursing is working with Accueil Bonneau, one of Montreal’s longest-standing outreach organizations for the homeless and at-risk, promoting health and providing direct health care services. 

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Ever used your phone to receive health care services? Yes? You have participated in and benefited from digital health.

Our faculty members Dr. Antonia Arnaert and Ms. Norma Ponzoni are working together, building a common program of digital health research.

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You made it!


On Tuesday, October 31, the ISoN held a Vin d'Honneur at Place des Arts in celebration of our BSc(N) graduates, following the convocation ceremony. This year, 124 students graduated from the program, making it the largest graduating BSc(N) class in the history of the ISoN!

Photo by Owen Egan. 


The mission of the Ingram School of Nursing is to educate current and future nurses, advance the art and science of nursing, and optimize health and health equity globally through academic excellence, strengths-based nursing and innovation.


Creating conditions for health and healing through knowledgeable, compassionate, strengths-based nursing.?

Academic Excellence - Offering world-class nursing education at the undergraduat, graduate and doctoral levels

Research & Innovation - Leading nursing scholarship, research and knowledge development

Community - Fostering collaboration with clinical and community partners locally, nationally and globally

The Ingram School of Nursing?at McGill University has been?providing world-class nursing education since 1920.

Check out the latest McGill?Nursing news?in the Faculty of Medicine's weekly? e-newsletter Med E-News.??

The School espouses?Strengths-Based Nursing (SBN) as its foundation for practice, education?and research.

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