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Photo requests

If you are a member of the media or the McGill community and would like to request a high-resolution image, please send an email with the date and description of the photo and an explanation of how and where the image will be used.

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Latest images

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McGill’s financial situation : Despite tough times and chronic under-funding, we’re working hard to do a lot with a little. Find out more
Claudio Calligaris

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Making research easier: Researchers have told us what bugs them about the funding process. Here’s what we’re doing about it. Find out more
Claudio Calligaris

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Liaison librarians like Jessica Lange know your department inside and out, and can really help you find what you need. Find your liaison librarian
Patrick Boghossian

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(Nicole Biamonte, Dept. of Music Research) Teaching Snapshots: McGill instructors share their tips for teaching success. Learn their secrets!

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Literary festivities: An annual celebration of James Joyce and all things Irish, Bloomsday Montreal's festivities brought a troupe of Irish dancers to McGill's downtown campus. See more Lifelong Learning events.
Edmond Chung

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A history of scholarship: Founded in 1952, McGill's Institute of Islamic Studies was the first in North America. The Institute now resides in the picturesque Morrice Hall, along with the Islamic Studies Library pictured here. More about the Institute of Islamic Studies
Hossein Taheri

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10 Points of pride: McGillians can't help but make headlines, whether they're combating diseases, unlocking the secrets of the human brain or sitting in Parliament. Learn more about what makes us proud.
Patrick Boghossian

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