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Please note that this website, like many others, uses Google Analytics and Hotjar to track user behavior on and affiliated sites.?

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google collects, organizes, and provides visualizations of anonymized data gathered during a user’s browsing session. Data may include navigation patterns (including links clicked and pages visited), region of origin (based on IP), traffic source (ex. referrals), language preference, browser type, and screen size.?

Google may use this data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data

Place of processing: USA

For more information, please see .

About Hotjar

Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool used to provide an additional level of information about user behaviour. Hotjar records user movements like mouse swipes, hovers, clicks, and engagement with interactive page elements. It also provides contextual surveys and feedback boxes. Hotjar masks form entries that may contain sensitive data like passwords, so these won’t appear in recordings of user behaviour. Hotjar uses a unique ID to track site users across sessions without retaining complete IP addresses.

Hotjar won’t share user data with any other service, but McGill and its employees may share anonymized recordings with external consultants as part of our ongoing effort to improve site usability.

Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data

Place of processing: European Union

For more information, please see Hotjar’s privacy policy. You may also opt out of Hotjar data collection. (Note that Hotjar does not track or record visitors who have cookies disabled.)

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