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McGill’s research is always expanding, and so are your ways to stay informed. Keep up on the University’s groundbreaking contributions in both fundamental and applied research through any or all of our news portals. From this page you can explore McGill’s publications, latest press releases, original audio and video content, and multiple social media channels.?

Latest News:

McGill Professor?René Provost wins prestigious 2015 Trudeau Fellowship:

McGill Professor Aashish Clerk wins Rutherford Memorial Medal

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Breaking down McGill breakthroughs

From the benefits of Alzheimer’s drugs to the development of better farms, you’ll find McGill’s most exciting original research explained in the pages of its signature publications: McGill News, the McGill Reporter, and of course the award-winning?research magazine,?Headway.?In its pages,?you will find engaging and entertaining articles on everything from green combustion engine designs to painkilling and cancer-preventing foods. Consider it your entry point into the expansive world of how our researchers are building a better tomorrow.?

Discoveries for the Digital Age

McGill has a wide-reaching social media presence, from Facebook to Twitter,?which each?post research-related content. Be sure to like, follow, or add us on your favourite site. Wherever you like to get your news, you will find the University.?

Want to see what Research and Innovation (RI) has been up to recently? Check out the RIR Flickr Photostream?and follow our VP on Twitter?to stay up-to-date on?the University’s research-related activities and visits by international delegations. You can also learn more about McGill’s innovations on its many media channels:

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Note: For media requests (interviews with researchers, photos, etc.), please contact McGill's Media Relations Office.

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