OSR: What We Can Do For You

Office of Sponsored Research

McGill University's Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) provides comprehensive information, services and support to members of the McGill research community in their pursuit and management of funding. It also ensures accountability, compliance and stewardship for the funds received for McGill research.


Specific services offered by the Office of Sponsored Research include:

  1. Identify funding opportunities and promote them to the university's researchers.
  2. Liaise with funding sources and partners on behalf of researchers throughout a project's lifespan.
  3. Support researchers in project and team development.
  4. Negotiate contracts and agreements with funding agencies and partners.
  5. Review and sign research proposals on behalf of the University or as a delegate of the University Principal.
  6. Advise on project management issues, particularly with respect to project reporting and other requirements.
  7. Provide a full range of technology analysis and support, including due diligence on new invention disclosures, business development for licensees and new company creation.


The OSR also provides a number of other tools to help researchers through the project process, such as:

  • Comprehensive application guides, prepared for several major funding programs and agencies (e.g. NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, NIH, etc). Please contact the OSR to obtain a copy of these guides.
  • Workshops, information sessions, agency site visits and grantsmanship sessions, scheduled throughout the year to help researchers understand policies and requirements, speak to previous peer reviewers, and develop best practices for grant writing and proposal development.
  • The OSR also maintains a list of monthly deadlines, as well as an alerts listserv.
  • Grant review, proposal development services, and one-on-one consultations, available to researchers who meet predefined internal deadlines or who set up meetings in advance of agency deadlines.

To contact the Office of Sponsored Resesarch or a staff please consult our Contact Us page

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