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The Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA)

SOUSA drop-in advisors' schedules

New Students' Registration Info:

  • See our New Students page!
  • Course registration for newly admitted students opens in June. See the schedule for when you can start registering.
  • Note that course registration stays open all summer, but don't delay. Register early, you can make changes later if necessary.
  • Register for both Fall and Winter terms.
  • Having trouble registering for a course? See this list of people who can help. SOUSA advisors do not control access to courses.

Advising Info:

  • There are two kinds of academic advisors. You have access to both:

SOUSA advisors can help you with...

Freshman program advising, degree planning, degree requirements, University and Faculty regulations, study away/exchange, readmission, final exam issues, interfaculty transfers, etc.

SOUSA advisors cannot help you register for restricted or full courses, but they can direct you to the right person or office. You can also see the Departmental Contacts list for registration issues.

SOUSA drop-in advisors' schedules

Program advisors can help you with...

Program (major, minor, etc.) requirements, getting the most out of your program, research, graduate school in their field, careers, etc.

Some advisors are also responsible for course registration issues (restrictions, full courses), but not all advisors do this. See the Departmental Contacts list for help with getting into specific courses.


Dawson Hall, room 405
McGill University
853 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A? 0G5

Location map


Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wednesdays: 10:00 to 4:30


Email: [at] (New students) and [at] (other enquiries).


An invigilator gets prepared for the exam period (Claudio Calligaris)

Geography student Heather Cray practicing with a differential GPS for NSERC-funded work on Herschel Island in the Yukon. (Claudio Calligaris)

Convocation ceremonies at McGill (Claudio Calligaris)

The Schulich Library of Science and Engineering provides resources to support the research and teaching programs of the physical sciences departments of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering. (Claudio Calligaris)

The McIntyre Building and the Bellini Building are part of the McGill Life Sciences Complex, which brings together researchers from the Faculties of Science and of Medicine and the MUHC. (Claudio Calligaris)

An evening view of the Otto Maass Chemistry Building on lower campus, named after a prominent former chair of the Chemistry Department. (Claudio Calligaris)

The Tomlinson Square research hub brings together material sciences, physics and health sciences. (Claudio Calligaris)

McGill alumnus Steven Pinker gave the keynote address at the Faculty of Science's Undergraduate Research Conference during Homecoming 2008. (Mark R. Groot)

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