Athletic awards

Athletic awards promote and facilitate the athletic achievements of student-athletes who are entering or enrolled in any undergraduate degree program, and who meet specified athletic criteria. To find out more about varsity sports at McGill, please visit the?Department of Athletics website.

Entrance and in-course athletic awards

There are a limited number of awards for students who are admitted to McGill and are possible candidates for varsity teams. There are?no applications?for these awards. They are granted by the McGill Athletics Board Awards Committee on the recommendation of the team coaches.

For a current list of athletic awards open to entering and continuing students at McGill please consult the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar.

Athletic award competitions

The following awards are for students who are members of varsity teams.?Applications are required.?Students do not apply for individual awards. They submit one application and are considered for all awards for which they might be eligible.

1938 Champions Awards Established with generous contributions from the surviving members of the 1938 McGill Intercollegiate Champions in football and hockey in memory of their teammates, Massey Beveridge, Perry Foster, Jimmy Hall, Joey Jacobson, Russell McConnell, Ben Stevenson and Fred Wigle, who lost their lives in the service of their country during World War II. Awards will be granted to those who best reflect the characteristics of service, dedication and teamwork exhibited by the members of the championship teams and preference will be given to members of varsity teams. $2,000 each
T. Palmer Howard Memorial Award Established by Catherine Howard in memory of her husband, T. Palmer Howard, one of the founders of the Martlet Foundation. Awarded to a student who has demonstrated leadership on a varsity team while maintaining high academic standing. Preference will be given to members of the swimming teams. $2,000
Dorothy A. Nichol Scholarships Established through a generous gift from Dorothy A. Nichol, student leader, women's basketball coach, Professor in the Faculty of Education, and Director of Women's Athletics at Macdonald College. Preference will be given to women students in Education who are members of varsity teams. $2,000 each

How to apply

Submit the completed application form (PDF), with two letters of reference, no later than Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

You can drop the documents off at the Scholarships and Student Aid Office, Brown Student Services Building, Suite 3200 (see map) or email them to scholarships [at]

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