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Current undergraduates

The university offers scholarships and financial aid to undergraduate students currently enrolled in full-time degree programs at McGill. The Scholarships and Student Aid Office is your point of contact for many but not all funding programs. The information below directs you accordingly.

In-course scholarships

In-course Scholarships fall under the responsibility of individual faculties. For this reason, students should contact the Student Affairs Office in their faculty with questions related to the criteria and decisions, as well as other funding opportunities such as stipends, research assistantships, work-for-pay situations, etc.

Renewable entrance scholarships received at the time of admission fall within our jurisdiction so please contact us?with any related questions.

In-course financial aid

Our office fully administers the University’s In-course Financial Aid Program. We have Financial Aid Counselors who assess student need, decide on suitable aid amounts (non-repayable and payable), and guide students towards other forms of support such as government aid and on-campus work programs. We can also answer your queries on the renewal of entrance bursaries?received at the time of admission.

Every year students benefit significantly from these programs. Most recently, $8 million of in-course scholarships & awards (based on merit) went to undergraduate students. Approximately $6.8 million of in-course bursaries (non-repayable need-based awards) was given to 1,245 undergraduate students with financial need. Of these bursaries, Quebec/Canadian students received 795 awards averaging $3,775 each and US/International students received 450 awards averaging $8,450 each.

For a comprehensive list of all awards with detailed descriptions and eligibility requirements, please consult the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar.

Other resources

All students are encouraged to explore other funding opportunities available to them. We also highly recommend our Frugal Scholar Money Management Program that provides budgeting toolkits, guides, and savvy tips to help you with the challenges of personal finance.

Please note: students who would like information on how to opt out of certain fees should consult McGill's Student Accounts website (search engine >"opt out").


Funding responsibilities associated with our office varies between the merit and need-based award programs available to graduate students currently studying at McGill. Information on how to fully pursue financial aid and awards is available on our Graduate funding page. For a comprehensive list of all awards with detailed descriptions and eligibility requirements, please consult the Graduate Fellowships and Awards Calendar.


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