Tuition payment deferral

Students are expected to pay their tuition and fees by their e-bill due date. Non-payment of fees will result in interest charges, late payment fees and account holds that prohibit access to registration, course add/drop, transcripts, etc.

Some students, however, may be eligible for a Tuition Payment Deferral. Deferrals are granted on a per term basis, during which time no interest or late payment charges are applied on eligible fees.


To be considered for a Tuition Payment Deferral, you must:

  • be registered in a full-time degree program
  • have no prior term fees outstanding greater than 30 days
  • expect to receive funding from one of the following sources:
    • graduate external funding administered?at McGill
    • graduate TA, RA or Course Lecturer income paid?through McGill
    • graduate awards paid in installments
    • government student aid, for which an application to the appropriate jurisdiction has already been submitted
    • or, if you're an international student (non-US), experiencing delays in transferring funds from external sources

Eligible fees that can be deferred include: tuition, registration fees, health and dental insurance charges.

Fees that cannot be deferred include: housing, meal plans, fines and penalties, and campus printing charges.

How to apply

To apply for a Tuition Payment Deferral:

  1. Log in to Minerva
  2. Click on the Financial Aid/Awards tab
  3. Click Defer Payment of Tuition and Fees

When to apply

The deadline to request a Tuition Payment Deferral depends on the reason for deferring.

However, to avoid interest charges you should apply for the deferral before the first fee payment deadline. Interest charges will not be reversed for late applications.

For more information on deferral reasons and applying see:


It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their situation has been accurately reported. All requests are subject to verification and decisions may be reversed resulting in re-instatement of interest and/or late payment charges.

Additional aid

If a Tuition Payment Deferral does not sufficiently meet your financial needs, you may apply for additional assistance. See In-Course Financial Aid for more information.

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