Entrance scholarships for future undergraduates

McGill's Scholarships and Student Aid Office offers merit-based entrance scholarships to first-time university students entering a full-time undergraduate degree program. Transfer, Mature, Diploma, Exchange, Special, Part-time and Visiting students are not eligible for entrance scholarship consideration.

There are two types of centrally-administered entrance scholarships: One-year Scholarships, valued at $3,000 (non-renewable), and Major Scholarships, valued at $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 or $12,000 (renewable annually).

One-year entrance scholarships valued at $3,000

All applicants to McGill undergraduate degree programs are automatically considered for a one-year entrance scholarship provided they meet the minimum academic requirements. These scholarships, offered by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office, are awarded solely on the basis of academic achievement, meaning?no separate application is required. However, your application for admission to McGill must include the following supporting documents:

  • All grades and interim grades granted up to the admissions application deadline date
  • Subsequent grades (interim or final) forwarded to the admissions office as soon as they are issued

Please note: if you apply after the admission deadline, you will not be considered for an entrance scholarship, even if you have been granted permission to submit a late admission application.

Major entrance scholarships valued at $3,000/$5,000/$10,000, $12,000 renewable

Major entrance scholarships, offered by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office, are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and outstanding leadership in school or community activities. Please note that "leadership" constitutes more than simple participation in extracurricular activities. A separate application is required soon after submission of your application for admission. To determine if you qualify, please review the minimum academic requirements.

Students who apply for, but do not receive a major scholarship will automatically be considered for a one-year entrance scholarship. Recipients of McGill scholarships are strongly advised to acquaint themselves with all regulations?pertaining to both one-year and major entrance scholarships.

Faculty-specific Entrance Scholarships

Certain faculties at McGill offer their own faculty-specific entrance scholarships. These faculties include Music, Dentistry, Law?and Medicine.?Students should consult individual faculty websites and admissions offices for more information. They should also bear in mind that these scholarships are not transferable should they decide to change faculties.

Please note: Dentistry, Law and Medicine applicants already holding a university degree must inquire about awards at their respective faculties.?

Complete list of current Entrance Scholarships

For a comprehensive list of all entrance scholarships, with detailed descriptions and eligibility requirements, please consult the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar.?

Please note: there are no individual applications for specific entrance scholarships.

Entrance Scholarship benefits


All Entrance Scholarship awardees entering university in September are guaranteed their first or second choice of residence building, provided they apply by the residence application deadline. Should one of the smaller residence buildings fill up before all scholarship winners are placed in their first choice, scholarship awardees will be guaranteed their second choice of residence building. For more information, please refer to McGill Housing.

Priority registration

All Entrance Scholarship awardees entering in September are eligible for priority registration. Please consult Enrolment Services' website for current information.

Supplemental funding

If applicants are awarded an entrance scholarship and still require funding for their studies at McGill, they should consider the entrance scholarship as one part of a potentially larger financial assistance package that may include:

Numerous external awards?are also available every year from a host of associations, corporations, organizations and foundations. New scholarship programs are being established constantly and students are strongly encouraged to apply for all awards for which they may be eligible, and to consult the Scholarships and Student Aid website regularly for updated information on new award opportunities.

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