Health Insurance Coverage

Canadian Residents

Canadian residents can use their provincial health care cards (B.C. CareCard, OHIP card, etc.) at Student Health Services, and we will bill their province. However, it is vital that you bring your card and student ID each and every time you come to use the service, or you may be charged for the visit and any lab fees (debit or credit only).

It is also very important that you contact your provincial health agency (by phone or in writing) to inform them that you will be studying outside of the province, or your health coverage may be canceled. Many provinces require you to contact them each year that you will be studying outside the province. If your coverage is cancelled, you can still be seen at the Health Services, but you will have to pay (debit or credit only) for your visit. If your coverage is reinstated, your provincial health agency?may reimburse you for the cost of your visit.

To find out about your province's guidelines, visit our list of provincial and territorial health insurance links found below.

Canadian citizens without Provincial Residency

If you are a Canadian citizen without Provincial Residency, please visit the International Student Services Health Insurance website.

International Students

International students with the McGill Blue Cross Health Insurance coverage can bring their insurance cards to Student Health Services, and we will bill the insurance company. You must bring your insurance card and student ID to each visit.

For additional information about the McGill Blue Cross plan, you can visit the International Students Health Insurance webpage.

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