Exam Scoring & Scanning Info

The Exam Office of Enrolment Services provides exam scoring services for exams or research projects that are composed of multiple-choice questions, and submitted on?black and white answer sheets.??

Expected turnaround for exam scoring is:

  • Peak periods (final and midterm exams): 3-5 working days from the date the answer sheets are received
  • Non-peak periods: 2-3 working days from the date the answer sheets are received.

Note that exams are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to submit an exam for scoring:

  • Go to the Exam Office (3415 McTavish, Room MS-72)
    • Between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Complete an Exam Scoring Request Form
  • Provide the exam answer key
  • And the completed answer sheets

NOTE: We need an answer key for every version of the exam.

After you submit the exam, you will receive an email at your McGill e-mail address to advise you that the exam scoring has been completed and statistical reports are ready for viewing and download in Minerva. To view a?sample (does not contain real data) of the statistical reports click here:

Condensed Test Report

Test Statistics Report

IMPORTANT: Multiple-choice exam scoring is limited to two runs:

    • Your reports will be available in Minerva after the first run.
    • Once you have reviewed the content, you can examscoring.es [at] bbc-farsi.com (e-mail) us any changes, which will be included for the second run.
    • Refreshed reports will be available in Minerva after the second run.

Please pick up your answer sheets within 2 weeks after exam scoring has been completed. Note: you must hand in the pink copy of the Exam Scoring Request form to pick up the answer sheets.

Answer Sheets:

Students must use a lead pencil to mark their answers and not ink. They must blacken the entire circle and completely erase any mark they wish to change.?When submitting an exam for scoring:

  • Make sure the answer sheets are clean and not crumpled.
  • Makes sure all the answer sheets are facing the same direction (This is your responsibility).
  • The answer key (the answer sheet with the correct responses) should be the first sheet(s).

You can purchase multiple-choice?exam answer sheets?(must have the student's 9-digit ID number) through:

Printing Services
3465 Durocher
Telephone: 514-398-6300

Frequently Asked Questions

How to interpret the exam results

How to create a mapping file for exams with multiple versions


For any support issues, contact?examscoring.es [at] bbc-farsi.com (Exam Scoring)

Enrolment Services Exam Office, MS-72
3415 McTavish Street
(entrance either from Service Point or McLennan Library)
E-mail:?examscoring.es [at] bbc-farsi.com

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