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About Sustainability at McGill

At McGill we take a broad view of sustainability.

It’s not just green, and it’s not just about our operations. The three dimensions of sustainability—social, economic, and environmental—are embedded in our approach. Sustainability involves recognizing the interdependence and complexity of systems. In many cases, moving toward a sustainable future will involve building connections and breaking down boundaries.?

Understanding our vision

Here at McGill we frame sustainability around five key ways through which a university can make a difference to society: research, education, connectivity, operations and governance & administration.

To understand McGill’s approach to sustainability it is useful to know a bit about the Sustainability Strategy that guides our work, the Sustainability Projects Fund that provides resources to make it happen, and the MOOS?that connects and leverages the many efforts underway all across the McGill community.?

Our vision for the future

McGill recognizes and embraces the unique responsibility of universities to support societies in their transition toward sustainability. We generate the knowledge needed to create a more sustainable future. We cultivate citizens and leaders who have the skills and commitment to put that knowledge into practice. This is one of the leading places in North America to study and learn about sustainability.

McGill—as an institution and a community—“walks the walk” of sustainability in all that we do. Our decisions and actions reflect our role as part of nature and our duty to current and future generations and the planet. Our campus community is diverse, caring, and inclusive—a place where people and ideas flourish.

At McGill, we strive to be one of the best universities in the world by doing our best for the world.

McGill Office of Sustainability

The McGill Office of Sustainability provides the strategic guidance, support, and resources to transition McGill into an institutional model of sustainability for society.

In partnership with students, staff, and faculty, we advance McGill’s vision for sustainable research, education, connectivity, operations, and governance.?

Have a question about what we do? Please check out?our annual report?for some recent highlights and please don't hesitate to?contact us.?


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McGill has a bold vision for sustainability. We’ve got?big ideas, and?we need your help turning them into reality.?


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